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Success Bully

Jul 5, 2017

It’s never too late to “#StartTheThing.” We’re kicking off a series called the #JulyJumpstart.  While most people would lean into the lazy days of summer, we here at Success Bully encourage you to start on new goals or recommit to your plans in progress. In Episode 17 #StartTheThing of the Success Bully Podcast, we have a special guest. In this series, the amazing Sarah Blankinship, Founder and CEO of RightSciences and Co-Founder of CEO Wattage shares her journey from technologist to unintentional entrepreneur.


Despite challenges and setbacks with raising VC funding, bootstrapping a business and navigating the tumultuous waters of a highly regulated and misunderstood industry, Sarah candidly shares her recipe to keep winning.  In part 1, Sarah speaks directly to those would be entrepreneurs, scalers as well as accepts her own challenge to “#StartTheThing.”  We’re pleased to report she has already completed her challenge.